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Since 2010 a Heritage Statement has been a requirement for any planning application which affects a heritage asset as defined by paragraph 189 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).


A heritage asset is considered by the NPPF to be a building; monument, site, place, area or landscape as having a degree of significance which merits consideration in a planning decision.

The term heritage asset encapsulates two definitions – designated heritage asset and non-designated heritage asset. The difference between these two definitions? A designated heritage asset is a building, place or site which has been designated  under the relevant legislation such as Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 which provides for listed buildings and conservation areas. Other forms of legislation provide for the designation of a world heritage site, scheduled monument, registered park and garden, protected wreck site, and registered battlefield.


A non-designated heritage asset is a building, monument, site, place, area or landscape identified by the local planning authority (LPA) as having local interest. Some LPAs have documented their non-designated heritage assets on a local list. However, such assets are in some cases identified by the LPAs conservation officer after a planning application has been submitted.

Heritage Statements need to provide sufficient information to identify the significance and setting of any heritage asset affected by the proposed works. The statement should establish the level of harm the proposed works will have on the heritage asset and justify the works in accordance with relevant legislation, national and local planning policies. The statement can also propose mitigation/public benefit to offset works, which may be harmful to the asset.


Heritage Statements can be complex documents depending on the size of the development or scale of works to a listed building. At Heritage Unlimited we provide comprehensive documents tailored to meet the requirements of the proposed development/works.