Development Advice and Design Guidance - Heritage Unlimited
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Changes to historic buildings can be challenging; care and attention need to be made, and often this is dictated by the affected asset. Understanding how a development will affect the special architectural or historic interest of a listed building or the setting of a listed building, is paramount to inform design and changes to a heritage asset.

Fully understanding the heritage constraints of your development at an early stage can save both time and money as more often than not, heritage is an afterthought. In most circumstances, issues concerning heritage are identified at the application’s validation stage thus invalidating the application. In some cases, Heritage Statements are requested after a scheme has been drawn and during the course of preparing the Heritage Statement, issues can arise with the proposed scheme that conflict with heritage. To overcome conflict, changes to the proposal are usually required.

At Heritage Unlimited, we can provide design and development advice to guide your project, whether your project involves works to a listed building or its setting, or a large scale development constrained by a conservation area.